Zhangjiajie Private Tour Itinerary

  • 行程天数:4天








Day 1/ Destination: Zhangjiajie : Arrive in Zhangjiajie by flight, a warm welcome from your guide, and transfer to your hotel in Wulingyuan

Zhangjiajie is famous for its exquisite forests, which are home to huge, leaf-covered stone pinnacles that rise right from the level ground. Get ready for some jaw-dropping panoramic views.

Day 2/ Destination: Zhangjiajie :Highlights: Yuanjiajie, Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve, Shilihualang 袁家界 天子山 十里画廊

Breakfast in the hotel, drive to Wulingyuan park. Ascend virgin Yuanjiajie scenic area overlook wonder view by super elevator, on summit platform you will see unpredictable prototype mountain of the movie AVATAR directed by Jame cameron, Bailong elevator-world engineering wonder locates here, which outstands as the world tallest one with the height of 326 meters, the major scenic spots on Yuanjiajie top are Mihuntai heartstop viewpoint, heaven and earth pillar, the first natural bridge under heaven exhibiting unbelievable and fantastic views, about 2 hours sightseeing here, take park bus from Yuanjiajie to Tianzi mountain,

Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve is a mesa in the northwest of Wulingyuan. It is a perfect location to have a panoramic view of the nature reserve. Tianzi Mountain provides stunning views of peaks, which rise one after another. It is known as 'the Monarch of the Peak Forest'. 2 hours sightseeing here. Take cable car down the mountain.

Before transfer to your hotel, you have chance to see Shilihualang picturesque gallery valley, that is highlighted part of 10 km long gallery valley, Enjoy the view by taking the electric train ride.

Day 3/ Destination: Zhangjiajie---Highlights:Yellow dragon cave/golden whip stream 黄龙洞 金鞭溪

Breakfast in the hotel, drive to Yellow dragon cave, that is the longest one in Asia; it is an incomparable realm of gigantic subterranean chambers, fantastic cave formations, and extraordinary features. Today many of the wonders of Yellow dragon cave are well known, yet the experience of exploring its chambers is every bit as exciting. The cave remained mystic to local villagers before the first caving adventure took place in 1982; sightseeing for 3 hours. In the afternoon transfer to Zhangjiajie national forest park, sightseeing in Golden Whip Stream that is famous for its pristine water, its verdant mountains, its steep cliffs and its serene valley. As a veritable paradise for plants, its pathways are adorned by an abundance of flowers, trees, and grasses. Then too, this place is a kingdom fit for various fauna-birds, fish and land animals,there are many astonishments in this grand canyon with total length of 7 km, 2-3 hours.

Day 4/  Zhangjiajie- Destination: Highlights:Tianmen Mountain 天门山

After breakfast we drive to Tianmen mountain, the sightseeing will be 6-7 hours,

MountainTianmen (Tianmenshan),a gateway to heaven, the holy mountain in Western Hunan, The park hosts the world's longest cableway, with a length of 7455 meters and elevation of 1518 meters. a super holiday resort with miraculous geomorphologic landscapes, religious culture, unique relics of humanity, wild animals, and primitive forests make it as a must-go destination for foreign tourists, 99 bands winding road leading to gateway of Heaven, and glass walkway make it so distinctive, Tianmen Mountain Cableway, Tongtian Avenue (a way to Heaven), Tianmen Cave (Heaven Gateway), Tianmen Temple, Tianmen glass walkway, Ghost-valley plank road, and Yunmeng Fairy Summit are the main wonders., the experience will be very inspirational.

At last,transfer to Zhangjiajie airport.


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